How to wire a headlight circuit

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How to wire a headlight circuit

The basic headlight circuit of car is not very complex, and it is totally able to be built for any do-it-yourself automotive project that you may have. The most common headlights used in this basic headlight circuit are the H6024 7" Round Sealed Beam Headlights and the H6054 Rectangle Sealed Beam Headlights. You'll also need a 12 volt switch, a 12 volt Bosch style relay, a (Part number DS72) Floor Mounted Dimmer Switch, a couple of fuses, and some wiring.

The headlight relay wiring is as follows: Pin 30 - Receives power from the car battery, with a fuse in the middle. Pin 87 - Sends power out of the headlight relay to the high beam dimmer switch Pin 86 - Receives power from the headlight switch Pin 85 - Goes to ground Pin 87a - If your relay has this pin, it is not used.

Here are some of the parts used in this video:
🔗 5 Pack of 5-pin Bosch Style Relays -​
🔗 Standard DS72 High Beam Dimmer Switch -
🔗 7" Round 6024 Sylvania Sealed Beam Headlight -
🔗 Rectangle 6054 Sylvania Sealed Beam Headlight -
🔗 10 Pack of Fuse holders -​
🔗 6 Pack of 1157 Bulb Sockets -​
🔗 10 Pack of 1157 Bulbs -​
🔗 Toggle switch -
🔗 272 piece fuse variety pack
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