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LS Swap Parts You Will Need
Parts More Info
LS Engine More Info
Transmission LS Swap Transmission Info
Engine mounts & adapters LS Swap Engine Mounts
Transmission lines (automatic)
Flywheel / flex-plate
Flywheel / flexplate bolts
Bellhousing bolts
Exhaust manifolds (C5 exhaust manifolds are cheap and nice)
Exhaust O2 Sensor Bungs
Fuel Pump LS Swap Fuel Pump Options
Fuel pressure regulator (Corvette - inline, or Silverado - on rail)
Fuel tank and/or fuel sender
Fuel hoses (feed / return)
Cylinder head vent hoses / fittings
Intake emissions valve block off
Radiator fan(s)
Radiator hoses (upper / lower)
Fluids - Oil, Antifreeze, Gear oil/Automatic Trans Fluid
Alternator bracket
Power steering bracket
Harmonic Balancer to match water pump (Camaro vs. Truck)
Harmonic balancer bolt
OBDII Pigtail
LS Swap Fuse Box Options Fuse Boxes Options
Relay box
Gauges LS Gauge Options

ICT Billet is an amazing resource for LS swap info. Check it here:

The sloppywiki is a terrific source for LS swap info. Check it out here: