Hotrod racecar drift car wiring for beginners

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How do I wire a race car, hotrod, or drift car?

In the video below, you will learn some basic 12v race car wiring basics.

Items used in this race car circuit:
πŸ”— Mega Fuses
πŸ”— Cole Hersee 24213 Continuous Solenoid -
πŸ”— 12 Spot Universal Fuse Box -
πŸ”— Battery Disconnect Switch
πŸ”— GM 3 wire Alternator
πŸ”— 194 light bulb sockets
πŸ”— Universal fuse holders
πŸ”— Universal Ignition Switch
πŸ”— B&M Neutral Safety Switch
πŸ”— The Diodes I used for the video (I am not sure how to choose the correct size ones.)

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment only. I am just a random guy on the internet, not an expert or professional. Do not try to reproduce anything in this video without the guidance of a professional as auto repair & electricity can be dangerous & destructive.